Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • PlaceofDis
    Apr 2, 07:22 PM
    for any complex formatting Word is definitly the way to sad to say, its not that bad of an app, although it is filled with bloat....

    Pages is stong because of its templates, but its not good for making documents from scratch, if it improved in this area i would stick to it, but the UI definitly needs some work, toolbars and palettes need to be used more effectively and perhaps a bit more customization of the two would help a bit

    for now i guess ill be typing up my poetry in Word

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  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 08:24 PM
    more server app screenshots

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  • elfxmilhouse
    Jan 6, 07:55 PM
    can the new app play facebook videos?

    i hate how you can see and click on the videos in the facebook app but it would just give you a message stating videos are not supported....THEN WHY DO YOU SHOW IT IN tHE FEED?!

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  • mikelegacy
    Jan 4, 12:58 PM
    If you have the 2gig plan, I wish you the best! (oh, stay away from Skype video chat and Howard Stern streaming too).

    I find it so ironic that caps are the norm now and companies seem to be adding streaming services daily. It's a freight train headed in the wrong overages are becoming more and more likely.
    It's complete and total BS man. Then on their commercials that basically advertise "HEY YOU CAN STREAM NETFLIX FROM ANYWHERE!!!!", but then when you call and complain, they tell you that they don't recommend doing that. I hope that VZW does get the iPhone, offers a better or unlimited data plan and AT&T declares bankruptcy. That's what I hope.


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  • maynorsol
    Mar 13, 11:33 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Mine threw a bucket of cold water on me this morning. I'll have to make an appt. at the Genius Bar.

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  • HyperZboy
    Apr 5, 08:02 PM
    That must mean I'm not normal. :D

    Is there really anyone normal on tech/geek websites like Macrumors, etc.?

    :: ducks ::



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  • Mainsail
    Mar 24, 08:42 PM
    Wow! great deal. All out of the 16gb at my local store. Congrats to those that got one. For those lucky buyers, $300 over a two year useful life is about 40 cents per day, or one quarter of the cost of the cheapest cup of starbucks coffee. Not bad for a device that you will probably use about an hour a day.....or maybe more.

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  • ejfontenot
    Mar 11, 04:10 PM
    If you want a coupon for 10% off one of the best iPad cases for your new iPad, PM you email address and I will send you a coupon.

    Or you can find me in line and I can show you why you should buy this case!


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  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 10:47 AM
    waaaaaaah Apple only anounced a photo editing program and a photography centered event. I am selling my macbook and G5 this is total BS!!!!!!

    lol, you go girl! :p

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  • martinX
    Apr 4, 04:54 PM
    Three things come to mind.

    Does the material require rendering? You'd probably get a big UNRENDERED across your monitor if it did, but you never know.

    Does your sequence match the footage and is it compatible with your equipment? First thing I'd be doing is checking projects that worked previously. Then I'd shut everything down, power down the deck, have a coffee, and start up again.

    Could there be any NTSC/PAL issues? I'm in PAL land and if I try to play NTSC footage from FCP -> Sony DV CAM deck -> Panasonic Monitor I always have some sort of hassle.

    Popping the canvas in Wireframe mode ( can have this effect too. The 'w' key cycles through 'image', 'image + wireframe' and 'wireframe'. The last one shows just the wireframe in the canvas and only still images on the monitor.


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  • thejadedmonkey
    Oct 16, 05:29 PM
    Good, I need a new cellphone, and I'm finding that as a college student I'm using my iPod less and less.

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  • amac4me
    Nov 2, 03:42 PM

    The link you provide is what I referenced in my post. It's important for people to realize that Net Applications breaks down Apple's operating system into Mac OS (PowerPC) and MacIntel (Intel).

    It's clear that PowerPC Mac use has remained fairly unchanged for the past year (slightly down) but Intel based Macs are on the rise. This makes sense considering that Apple no longer sells PowerPC based Macs.

    Two things are likely occuring:


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  • krayziekray
    Jan 7, 01:29 PM
    There needs to be a way to manually sync contacts, as not all my contacts in my phonebook have the same name as Facebook (i save them as nick names, family names etc).

    :apple: KrayzieKray :apple:

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  • GilGrissom
    Oct 25, 10:55 AM
    A friend and I are now going, meeting there straight after work, but we might not get there until just gone 6, depending on how fast the tube is! Look forward to seeing you all there! Always wanted to go to a product launch and feel the hype! Now I'm in London I can!

    Here's a quick question, does the family pack still only come with 1 disk or does it come with 5 separate ones for each license? (I have several macs in the house and it's cheaper to get the family pack, obviously!)


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  • 0815
    Apr 26, 07:28 AM
    If you have a blank Mac because of a problem or HD upgrade, a network install image being sold outside the Mac App Store makes a lot more sense than Mac App Store distribution. OSes shouldn't be distributed in a store that requires an OS installation to even work.

    That is what the USB stick is for! No need to download from anywhere. Don't cherry pick what you want to see and leave out the other options.

    That's the point. You say it yourself, your machines still have DVD drives. What's the point of going to the more expensive USB drive option ? Again : CDs were cheaper than floppies to produce and were much quicker to mass produce. Going from optical to Flash memory is the opposite move, it makes the media both more expensive and much more complicated/long to duplicate in mass.

    Saying we need DVD Drives just because all the machines out there (still) have DVD drives is a poor argument - following that we still would have floppies. I don't want a DVD drive in my next machine. I would need it only for reinstalling the OS (which on MacOS I actually never had to do, but worst case it might be needed). Actually I won't have a DVD in my next machine since it will be the MBA. The future is here.

    And if you see the whole picture (distribution, shipping, storage, ...) I doubt that a read-only chip on a USB stick is much more expensive - and you save on all new machines the cost for the DVD drive and can use the space for better things. If it is so much more expensive, why does the cheapest Apple laptop come with a USB stick instead of DVD? Yes it might be a tiny bit more expensive.

    As an Air user with such a thumb drive let me tell you this : their design is pure crap and it is not quite as convenient as a real thumb drive. It also tends to get all scratched up when inserting it and removing it because it lacks the proper guides for the USB port.

    How often to you reinstall your OS that you keep inserting and removing it and scratching it all up? It should be a cheap stick (not good for anything else) that just sits 99.99999% of its time in the shelf. It's not that this is meant as a 'free Apple branded USB Stick' that you use all the time.

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  • Chef Medeski
    Nov 21, 05:21 PM
    I haven't read the whole article yet, but from the sounds of it, it seems as though a laptop can be charged without plugging in it. That is the processor that converts heart to electricity could either charge the battery or provide it's own power to the laptop. That would extend battery life, not sure by how much, but if it is a decent amount, this technology would be great for laptops.

    Then again there's the heat issue. While the heat will provide electricity, your going to have to have a decent cooling system, which hopefully wouldn't suck to much power. Or maybe the converted power can be used only for the cooling system leaving the rest for the battery, thus conserving power anyways....just thinking aloud here though. :)

    lol.... decent amount... nah... about a couple minutes.


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  • gugy
    Sep 27, 01:01 PM
    On your Quad G5? It runs like butta on mine. Did you make sure to use the Combo updater and not the Software Update incremental 10.4.7 updater? I always use the Combo.

    I don't know what to tell you. Couple days after I installed 10.4.7 , major issues happened on my quad. I end up with my computer at Apple for repair and 3 weeks later they figure out a combination of 10.4.7 and my GT7800 card were the issue.
    Now, I have a new GT card and I use 10.4.6. The kernel comes once a week. So the problem in some way still persist. I hope the new 10.4.8 will address this issue. If not I'll go back to Apple and request a new computer in exchange for the one I have.
    I don't know, I love my quad but I have to say I was pretty upset with this whole fiasco. I wish Apple had a loaner program for professionals using powermac. That way we can still productive while the computer is being repaired. I would not mind to pay a little more on applecare to get such a service.

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  • PinkyMacGodess
    Oct 11, 10:52 AM
    Why not just add phone capabilities to the iPad? Call it the Mega-Pad? Or the Maxi-Pad?

    Making more than one size phone for sale at the same time makes no sense. The only way that it would make sense is if the iPhone wasn't selling very well and Apple needed to 'pander to the masses' to build market share of they figured out a way to have a 'clam shell' design and maintain the operability of the interface.

    The problem with multiple sizes is that the cases would be numerous and retailers wouldn't want to carry them and the chances that a very small iPhone would use the same accessories (chargers, etc) is small...

    I think that Apple would be crazy to dilute their market by adding smaller and naturally less capable units. I already think that the new Nano will fail because it's 'sorta like a Touch, but not quite'.

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  • r1ch4rd
    Mar 27, 08:56 AM
    I think it was Japan that taxed cars based on the engine displacement - I believe that would be worth considering here. For anyone who "needs" a big engine - and 98% of you who claim you do - actually do not. But for those who insist - should have a commercial-type registration. (like we currently do with large work vehicles) That said - we were lax, stupid or I don't know what - but allowed 4 ton vehicles to be called passenger cars, and now every 90 pound soccer mom drives a Superduty pickup because it makes them feel safe... :rolleyes:

    Here in the UK the amount of tax is based upon the CO2 emissions from a car, so larger engines generally incur a higher penalty. However, if you are insistent on buying a large expensive 4x4 for example, I don't think the amount of tax is really going to put you off.

    I pay �125 per year for a 2.0 litre TDI

    Nov 12, 08:18 PM
    If they told you what she was saying, then you still could not understand it.

    That was a stirring reply, Eastend. And while it's true that all answers are replies, not all replies are answers.

    Oct 10, 04:46 PM
    i doubt apple with update the MB soon, there just wouldnt be enough distinguishing the MB from the MBP if they both got C2D at the same time, mostl ikely it will be like the mini, it will get a small speed bump.

    I worked at a company where one product line competed against another within the company. It is the death. Apple needs to be competitive with EXTERNAL computer companies. If the competition is using C2D in their laptops... Apple had better get on the ball or they will drop it.

    With Apple & the other vendors using Intel chips it is easy to look at the laptops and compare... new chip... old chip... hmmmm... which one should I buy?

    Apr 16, 03:18 PM
    Is it me or is Apple becoming a silly caricature of its own 1984 ad?

    And hopefully Fiore will do a cartoon about it :p ... well maybe not, his app could be banned again :eek:

    Nov 22, 08:04 AM
    Interesting concept, but their website ( scares me away in a hurry. What was that about making a good first impression?

    What scares you about the website?

    I am also skeptical about the claim of 30% efficiency. If we had thermoelectric materials that operated at that efficiency, we could all say goodbye to refrigerator compressors and turbine generators in favor of devices with no moving parts, higher reliability, and no CFCs.

    30% does seem high ... solar energy doesn't even get that (at least currently available commerciallly) - I wonder if this could somehow be combined with solar voltaic cells to increase their efficiency. For instance, what about a strip on a laptop that harnessed enough light to power something as well. I mean calculators run on ambient light.

    Mar 23, 04:58 PM
    Apple ftw!

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